Who We Are


Sergio R. Angeles, President & Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Contributor
Email: sergio@longmontobserver.org
Bio: Prior to working at the Longmont Observer, Sergio was an IT Consultant in Richmond, VA and Washington, D.C. working for Fortune 500 companies, such as Bank of America and Marriott. He left the east coast and returned back home, to Longmont, to work on startups. Soon thereafter, Sergio and Scott Converse became disappointed by the lack of local news coverage in Longmont and decided to do something about it. Thus, Longmont Observer was born! In his free time, he enjoys hiking, cycling, and brewing beer. Sergio is originally from Santa Barbara, CA, grew up in Boulder, CO, and now lives in Longmont.



Scott Converse, Co-Founder, Publisher, Contributor
Bio: Scott has had a varied career ranging from high-tech product development at companies like Apple ComputerParamount Pictures and Motorola to creating startup companies like ClickCaster and Medioh. He’s also involved in creating and operating nonprofits and was the original founder & president of TinkerMill, the Longmont Makerspace, Startup Longmont and Longmont Startup Week, as well as the OneNet Member Network, an early global distributed social network. Scott was raised in Longmont, graduated from Longmont High School and moved back several years ago to be closer to family. His blog post “We need a local non-profit media entity that replaces the tired old newspaper model and the ‘one size fits anyone’ algorithm driven future offered by social media” was the impetus for starting the Longmont Observer.

More at his LinkedIn profile.



Macie May, Editor & Contributor
Bio: Macie attended the University of Oklahoma where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Letters with a minor in Latin. She taught Latin at a high school level for a few years before deciding to stay at home with her children. In 2014, she and her husband moved from Oklahoma to Longmont. Shortly after the move, both of her children were diagnosed with autism. She has spent the last 3 years learning the ins and outs of their autism. Learning about autism and helping others learn and understand has become one of her passions. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing with her children.



Christi Yoder, Contributor
Bio: Christi Yoder worked as a research wildlife biologist investigating wildlife contraceptives for 20 years before changing careers. During that time, she worked with many species of birds, squirrels, and prairie dogs. She grew up in rural Minnesota on a farm, where she could watch wildlife every day. In 1988, Christi moved to Colorado to go to Colorado State University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. Currently, Christi is running her own nonprofit for genocide research called the Center for Genocide Research and Education. She enjoys going on bike rides on Longmont’s many paths with her family and watching wildlife in Longmont’s parks.



Matt Steininger, Contributor & Filmmaker
Bio: Matt Steininger is a Local Realtor with Keller Williams 1st Realty, a movie reviewer and a YouTuber known as Koricon Nala. Along with his movie reviews, he also does interviews and other filmography for the Longmont Observer.



John Ensworth, Contributor & Weatherman
Bio: John Ensworth works from Longmont as the Principle Investigator for the NASA Science Mission Directorate Earth and space science education product review through the IGES (The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies – www.strategies.org). He has been with IGES since 2004, and brings forth a solid a background in science and education. His work focuses on coordinating the NASA Earth & Space Science Education Product Review and conducting online training workshops for NASA educators. Mr. Ensworth is certified in secondary science education and has been teaching science in both the formal and informal education settings since the 1980s. His experiences have included teaching Earth science, meteorology, astronomy and biology from the high school to college level. He has also developed and delivered informal science education programs at planetaria in Arizona and Oklahoma. Mr. Ensworth participated in the doctorate program and holds a Master of Science in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. He has earned undergraduate degrees in physics and astronomy, geography and meteorology with minors in math and computer science. His professional affiliations include the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). He is an astronomer (from the 2nd grade onward) and became a meteorologist (in the 5th grade) when a thunderstorm in Arizona rained on his telescope after the weather service had only forecasted a 10% chance of rain. He lectures at the Little Thompson Observatory in Berthoud, the Estes Park Memorial Observatory in Estes Park, and for a number of online universities. He built and runs a backyard observatory near Pace and 17th in northeast Longmont, where he has lived for 8 years with his wife, daughter, son, and two cats. Invitations to open house nights at this observatory, LTO, and EPMO will be posted with future discussions when they are scheduled.



Ayako Itoi, Contributor
Bio: Ayako Itoi learned journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder in hope of changing the critical condition of newspapers in Japan. She jumped into Longmont Observer with a sympathy to Sergio’s effort to retrieve the local media. She likes to use video to tell stories, and in free time, she knits, reads books and plays with design software.



Sabrina Ehlert, Contributor & Beer Reviewer
Bio: I am a writer, artist, and craft beer enthusiast. In 2016, I spent the entire year immersed in craft beer, sampling a different craft beer every day for the whole year. I discovered that I could taste the art in craft beer, and my experiences were documented in my blog 365beeraday.wordpress.com. When I’m not drinking beer in breweries, I’m pouring pints at Open Door Brewing Taproom or making art, many of my pieces are on display in several of Longmont’s breweries.



Mark Ivins, Contributor & Photographer
The Longmont Ledger – Contributing Photographer – 2009 to 2011
Equitable Real Estate Investment Management, Swiss Bank Corp., The Durst Organization, Tishman/Sprayer, Cross & Brown, Silverstein Properties, Rose Associates, Kidder Peabody, The Rockefeller
Group, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Donovan & Green Design, Shearson Lehman Brothers, The New York Times, Corporate Design, Museum News, Newsweek, Crains New York Business,
Forbes, 7 Days, Institutional Investor, McGuckin Design Center, Platt Design Studio, Wonderland Development, Boulder County Business Report, Larimer Square Group, Agais Publishing and others.
The Village Voice – Contributing Photographer, 1976-1982



David Jarvis, Contributor
Bio: I’m a Senior at Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School and am a proud older brother of two siblings, both my sister and my brother. I was born in Boulder, although I have lived my entire life in Longmont and no other place feels like home. I love my family and friends, and always looking for more friends to add to the bunch! I’m very accepting of others and their opinions and always hoping to learn something new about everyone I meet and have known. I play Basketball and run in both Cross Country and Track. I had originally been enrolled into Longmont High School for my first 3 years of high school, but Twin Peaks is my home and I am now enrolled into the school for my last year of high school. I love to read and write and am very enthusiastic about literature as a whole. I love reptiles and own two snakes, both Ball Pythons. Throughout my life, I came to realize that one aspect was the key to enjoying what is given to me and taking the opportunities I have. That aspect was the great relationships I’ve had with the many wonderful people in my life. I’m truly grateful for one of the greatest influences in my life, Catherine, who opened my eyes and gave me the opportunity to follow my passion and grow upon that.



Seattle Hart, Contributor
Bio: I’m a junior at Twin Peaks Charter. I love writing and I want to major and Journalism when I go to college. I have always been into writing and want to learn a lot about Journalism.


Mariana Vasquez, Contributor

Bio: coming soon 🙂