Want to Volunteer at the Longmont Observer?

If you’d like to help us build this new organization, please, join our daily editorial meetings at 10am in the TinkerMill conference room, all are welcome; help us design and run something unique to Longmont. You don’t need to have a particular skill to join, but we are going to need editors, writers, photographers, videographers, video editors and podcast creators. We also want people that want to learn how to become all of those things. No experience necessary. You don’t need to jump right in either.  Feel free to just join and hang out and see what’s happening first. All are welcome.

If you’d like to get to know us, please, join our Slack Channel, or come to our daily meeting which is published on our Facebook Page.  We’re also doing a weekly ‘live stream’ online you can check out as well, also on our Facebook page.