Our Donors

When it comes to our donors and sponsors, the Longmont Observer is dedicated to complete transparency. Current donors and grants won listed below are updated regularly and are subject to change. If you are interested in becoming a donor or a member, click here.


The Quarter Fund / Longmont Community Foundation – $750



Ann Colcord
Anthony Maine
Betty Converse
Bob Russell
Byron Kominek
Carol Heepke
Carol Sanderson
Christi Yoder
Cindy Vanover
Darcy Juday
David Steere
Davide Andrea
Eliza Graves
Elizabeth Olson
Ellen Batchelor
Eric Otto
Eva Angeles
Jean Lotus
Jeffrey Sievers
Jennifer Abarca
Jennifer Ferguson
Joshua Young
Judith Blackburn
Karen Hawk
Katie McNeely
Kevin Winter
Madeline Brockish
Mike Schnatzmeyer
Oatricia Davis
Paolo Sullam
Paul Tiger
Robert Combs
Robert Ensworth Jr.
Robert Moler
Ross Rodgers
Scott Converse
Sean Arms
Sergio R. Angeles
Shari Malloy
Sharon O’Leary
Stephen Laughlin
Thomas Chenault
Tiana Mylene
Tom Goldsmith
Tyler Tillage
W. Vito Montone